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Our raw organic almonds are just out of this world-full of nutrition, unpasteurized—and certified organic. Loaded with nutrients and perfectly delicious!


Want to eat healthy dry fruit. Nothing is more healthy and nutritious than the Kaju coming right from the farms located in and around the hilly stations.


Great for your health and skin! A Food for your Face by Firefly! Our farm fresh organic Kishmish is exported to the entire world because of its taste and quality.


We offer an extensive series of organic Pista. Not only delicious and tasty but also brings countless health benefits.


Health specialists are convinced more than ever before- walnuts are the best food to eat especially in whole form. Best for skin!


We deliver pure Kesar. It is a precious herb which contains medicinal value and mesmerizing aroma. Appreciated around the globe for its fine texture and fine aroma!

Delivery to your door step

Sit back and relax. At the final stage, your box will be safely delivered to your door step. Remember, you will always find fresh items.

Modification to your order

Even after setting a weekly preference, you can modify your box. In this way, we will change or modify your order for the next week.